About Angela.


I AM a young Graphic Designer with a passion for all things creative and the drive and commitment of a competitive athlete. 

My design journey started in San Francisco at the Academy of Art where I gained a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Graphic Design. During that time I also balanced school with athletics as a Division 2 athlete in the NCAA. Needless to say it set the tone of how I would continue my life post college. 

Fast forward to San Diego, I still manage to balance a designer/athlete life. I will always strive to be a well rounded individual in my personal life as well as my career. Therefore, I leave myself wide open to a wide variety of projects and creative avenues no matter how challenging.

If you have a creative project and want to contact me you can email or text me with the contact info above. 


E | h.angelakai@gmail.com
P | 808.255.8723

It's a little old but it's still beautiful.

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